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NFC/RFID test system

The T-base NFC/RFID Test System automates Proximity Card (PICC) testing as described in: In addition to the above mentioned tests, special R&D test cases are developed in order to verify the PICC design even deeper.
Testing of all PICC classes are supported.

All necessary system calibration and PCD adjustments are included in the package.
All instrument control and data/result handling for test cases, adjustments and calibrations are fully automated.

The T-base NFC/RFID test system is being used by a major danish company, and it is verified by 2 leading NFC/RFID test laboratories in Europe.

The T-base NFC/RFID Test System SW is built using the generic T-base framework which is a modern and mature framework.
The SW consists of a sequencer, operator UI, error handling and other functionalities that are necessary for a generic framework.
The SW architecture makes it easy to add new tests, support new instruments and support new logging formats and targets.
Read more about T-base here:
The instrumentation in this test system consists of a SMBV100A signal generator and a RTO oscilloscope, both from Rohde & Schwarz.
But due to the intelligent SW architecture of T-base are instruments from other vendors easily implemented; simply by writing new instrument drivers.

The test system is developed with focus on ease of use; untrained users can operate this system after only 5 minutes of training.

For further information please contact Michael Rothmeier by the mail or phone number written at the bottom of this page.

NFC test cases
Some of the test cases in our automatic NFC test system