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Welcome to our product page. We do at the moment have the following products:

C# test automation framework:
Our test automation framework called T-base is designed in C#. It is a generic framework including all SW functionalities commonly used for automatic and semi-automatic test systems.
We will be happy to develop your next test system based on T-base or we can support you in using the framework.
Click here to learn more: C# test automation framework

T-base Reporter based on Microsoft Excel
T- base Reporter is a tool for developing advanced data processing as an Add-in to MS Excel.
When implemented in Excel is the data processing run by the click of a button.
It is a versatile development tool that can work on any kind of data.
It is able to perform long and complex calculations, filter, split or other functions on these data, and then display the data in whatever graph or report that you choose.
Click here to learn more: T-base Reporter

Automated NFC/RFID test system:
This NFC/RFID test system is automating the Proximity Card testing described in the standards:
In addition to these tests are special R&D test cases developed in order to verify the proximity card even deeper.
Click here to learn more: Automated NFC/RFID test system