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T-base Reporter

The T-base Reporter is a tool for developing customer specific data processing functionality.
It is implemented in Microsoft Excel as an Add-in.
Seen from a users point of view, Excel is having a new menu item performing the customer specific functionality.

The most common test reporting features are implemented such as importing data (from XLSX files, CSV files, SQL databases, Mongo databases or any other data file type), calculating CPK and generating histogram graphs.

Specific customer needs, and not only for test data purpose, can easily be implemented by utilizing the T-base Reporter module based concept. The T-base Reporter framework and the module templates we have developed are handling all the common stuff so time can be used on your data specific functionality.

The reasons why T-base Reporter is developed to use Add-ins in Excel are:
For further information please contact Michael Rothmeier by the mail or phone number written at the bottom of this page.

Rebase Configurator
An example of T-base Reporter in Excel.